Q: Is it easy to use your products?

The small (17 ml) and large (50ml) Nail Drops, and the Massage Oils bottles are supplied with a "one drop at a time" dispenser, which is a plastic insert in the top of the bottle. When the brown cap is unscrewed, and the bottle tipped, just single drops are dispersed.

If you prefer more precise applications, we can add a glass Vial Eyedropper bottle for $2.35. The large (50 ml) Nail Drops comes with a free Vial Eyedropper (in it's own bottle) for ease of use. It is perfectly wonderful for exact applications.

How to transfer Nail Drops to the small dropper bottle: Unscrew the eyedropper cap from the small dropper bottle. Leave the dropper insert in the large bottle of Nail Drops; turn this bottle directly onto the small dropper bottle opening. Allow the drops to carefully fill into the smaller bottle, keeping it upright. This may take a minute or more. To avoid over-filling, leave a generous space (1/2 inch) at the top of the smaller bottle. Avoid having the Toenail Drops liquid make contact with the rubber - it will last longer.

Q: How do I use futspa Toenail Drops?

When the drops are applied as directed onto the toenail, the fungus is no longer able to survive, but the nail is still damaged. The fungus can live for a long time under the nail, which is why it is important to apply the drops to the nail bed and file away the thickened nail so the drops can penetrate to underneath the nail.

Once the fungus is no longer active, the nail can grow out and the fungus is not present to attach itself to the new nail. This is when you see the nail growing out fungus-free. This can take from 3-6 months.

Continued use of the Nail Drops is important, as you do not want the new nail attacked by the fungus again. It is a good idea to put 5-10 drops of the Nail Drops in a footbath and soak your feet once every couple of weeks. This helps keep away any threat of the fungus returning. Once you feel the nail is free of all fungus you may safely discontinue use of the drops, but a footbath, as mentioned above, is always a good idea.

Q: Who makes your products?

futspa products are formulated and developed by futspa to address specific health needs for our client's foot care.

Q: How long do your products last once I have them?

All futspa products are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients, in order to keep the shelf life to maximum.

The futspa foot and hand cream, being a natural product, has a shelf life of one year. After that, the potency slowly weakens and so it is best to use it up when you get it.

The futspa foot powder has a shelf life of two years, but must remain closed to keep the essential oil properties fresh.

The futspa massage and bath oils will remain fresh for up to two years. Please keep them in a cool place, out of the direct sunlight. The amber and cobalt blue bottles will help keep the harmful rays from the sun off the contents.

Q: Are your testimonials real?

Yes, we only use real testimonials from our customers after we get permission to use them. Read all the testimonials here.

Q: Why do some of your labels look different?

Recently we have designed new labels, and we are in the process of switching over to the new ones. The ingredients inside have not changed - we still deliver fabulous foot and skin care products made with the best quality ingredients we can find!

Q: Do you use Talc in any of your products?

We do NOT use Talc in ANY of our products!

Q: Are futspa Nail Drops safe for pregnant or nursing women?

The Nail Drops can be used while pregnant or nursing BUT only when WELL diluted. I suggest putting about 3-5 drops in a foot bath and soaking your feet. This will help keep the fungus from spreading. The application directly onto the feet could begin or resume when nursing is finished.

Q: Can futspa Nail Drops be used on children?

Yes, but some precautions need to be taken even with natural products. If using Nail Drops on children, mix two drops of Nail Drops in a teaspoon of a carrier oil and rub that on the toe and nail that has the fungus. It can be more convenient to premix a small amount into a bottle to have ready to use nightly. For the carrier oil we recommend olive, almond, or grape seed oil. Remember to always keep futspa products out of the reach of children.

Q: Can I order through the mail?

Yes! We accept money orders and bank-certified checks, made out to "futspa". Sorry, we do not accept personal checks. An easy, secure way to purchase is by using PayPal. See How to order futspa products.

Q: I live in Canada. Can I buy with Canadian dollars?

Of course! We live there, too! Our payment processor, PayPal, accepts US dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen. When you click on the "Proceed To Checkout" button in the PayPal popup window, you will go to the Payment Details page, and there you can choose your currency of choice.

If you would prefer to use your Canadian dollars directly, just phone us at 1-250-890-3668 and we will tell you the Canadian prices, and delivery and payment options. Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM Pacific Time.

Q: How do you send my order?

All our orders are shipped within two business days of confirmed payment, and have plain packaging. We use recycled packaging material whenever possible. Shipping prices are listed on the How to Order page.

Q: What is PayPal?

PayPal is a secure way to make transactions on the internet using a credit card and email. You can use your credit card to make safe purchases. Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.

Q: What is your 100% Guarantee?

We believe that our products are the best quality money can buy. Order our products and try them out risk free! If, for any reason, you are not satisfied within 60 days of purchase, email us for a Return Authorization Number. Return your item with this number and we will refund your product cost in full (shipping excluded).

If you have any more questions, ask us here. You will receive a personal reply, and appropriate questions and answers will be displayed on this page for others. Thank you.