All our testimonials are from real emails sent to us.

"This is great - your drops are working! It's been 5 weeks. I'm sending a photo as proof - see the clear area next to the skin. I'll keep you posted. THANK YOU for making a natural product that works!"

(Three weeks later...)

"Here's my next photo - feel free to use it on your site. I'm sooo happy! Thank you!"

(Another three weeks...)

"Almost all gone! Got my order last week."

(Frank H., California, USA)

I wasn't happy when 3 of my toenails starting looking really bad. Two on one foot, one on the other. Did nothing and it got worse so went to Doctor who took shaved samples and got word from lab that yes, it was fungus. He prescribed Gen-Terbinafine, pills that are taken orally and were to be taken for 3 or 4 months. Expensive too. Got a months worth and after 3 or 4 days felt like a zombie, totally whacked out, not myself at all. Stopped pills, did internet search and found futspa.

Like the other people say, GIVE IT TIME. My nails are now fine and it is all because of your product. Don't listen to Doctors! They are pill merchants! futspa WORKED FOR ME.

(John P., Ontario, Canada)

We LOVE your products. Nothing comes close to your foot spray and powder!

Each of my clients that have used your nail drops have received tremendous results. It clears up nail fungus like nothing I've ever seen before.

(from Judy M., Utah)

I'm ordering another bottle of your Nail Drops. I have to say that this is the best product I have ever used. I am so excited at the progress and speed in which my nails are returning to normal. I can finally look forward to wearing my flip flops again.

Thank you so much for developing this product and providing a great service to all of us who have been hiding our feet for years.

Thank you
(from Jade L., from British Columbia)

"I have ordered from you before (when I lived in Virginia) and love this product; it really works. I had a friend order from you in Maryland as well & she is happy with this product."

(from Charlene, (used to be from Virginia) )

"I continue to get remarks from clients who appreciate the fresh scent of your creation. I appreciate the ease in cleansing feet -- thanks so much. "

(from Julie, a Reflexologist in Washington, USA, referring to the futspa Foot Spray)

"Thanks for a great and satisfying product with unexpected fast results."

(Jeff S. WA)

Thank you for the great service.

(Sue G. from New Hampshire, USA)

"I wanted to say what an efficient service. My futspa order arrived today. Hurrah! Thank you."

(Cherilyn United Kingdom)

Hi, I was wondering if you would like more testimonial's for your toenail fungus drops?

I am midway through my second bottle, a little over 4 months into treatment and my toenail has grown out about halfway now and it is clear.

I cannot tell you how amazed I am. I have had the problem for many years, over 20, and have not been able to find anything that would touch it.

I have not tried oral meds as past doctors have said it is not worth the risk. I would tell anyone who will listen about the great results. Thanks for everything.

(Nadine P. from Idaho, USA)

Just wanted to let you know that both my clients and I, (I'm a Reflexologist) love your products! I'll be back again, for sure!

(from Pearl B., Quebec, Canada)

(Another comments as he orders his second bottle of Toenail Drops...)

"Please send ASAP. I am almost out of my first bottle and don't want to lapse in the treatment. It is working!!! YEAH!

(Chad from AR, USA)

You might want to tell your customers that the 'mini dropper' bottle doesn't refer to the BOTTLE, it refers to the size of drops that come out. It's making my big bottle last forever! Mind you, I only had 2 infected nails. Now I want to try some of your cream that you say sells good.

(Jack M. Arizona, USA)

Hi, I purchased your product about a year ago, because I had very bad toenail fungus, but didn't want to take Lamisil (price and health risks). Instead I did a little research and came across your website. The fungal drops are working nicely. My nail is about half way grown out, and I am really happy that I will be able to wear sandals soon. I would recommend it to anyone, but be persistent results won't occur overnight. Thank you.

(Happy customer in NYC, Jade)

Thanks, I love the powder and am trying the hand cream. I'm a Reflexologist too.

(Susan H. from New York, USA - September 2004)

Thank you for your prompt response to my recent request. I am enclosing my cheque in payment.

I had, what was considered to be, a severe case of toe-nail fungus but regular application of the futspa Nail Drops has resulted in control of the problem and growth of new nail. It was not a rapid reversal and I stress the regular use but IT WORKS!

Thank you once again.
(Lindsay L, British Columbia, Canada - April 2004)

I am currently using the toe nail drops, foot soap and cream and foot powder. I have bad fungus on my two big toes for about 10 years. I started using your products in mid-November (it is now mid-January) and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my feet. The fungus is slowly going away and the new nail growing in appears to be fungus free. I am very pleased with your products.

(Mike S. from Pennsylvania, USA)

"Hello, futspa people;

My toenail fungus has gone away, thanks to your great little bottle! I could see the fungus about half way down my nail, and applied your stuff for a month or so, faithfully, and the progression stopped. I am just waiting for the new nail to grow in before I send you a "before and after" picture.

You have made me a happy camper! I'd tell anyone about it, because it works!"

(Alan, from British Columbia, Canada)

"Thanks...I am almost through my first bottle and see positive results."

(Joan S., Florida USA)

"I purchased your Nail Drops a few weeks ago and I want to tell you it is amazing. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. I think more people should know about it. I was totally amazed and impressed. Thank you."

(Vincent P. from Texas, USA)

"The foot cream smells divine!"

Andrea G. in Edmonton Alberta, Canada

I have very dry feet. If I do not moisturize them at least once a day (sometimes twice a day) they dry and crack. They will get very sore and walking can hurt. They have been like this for a three to four years now and I do not know why.

I have been looking for the best moisturizing cream to use. I have tried most of the ones at the drug store and grocery store, all of the top brands and they will work for a few weeks then they stop working for some reason. My feet must get used to them or something.

Then I tried your futspa foot cream and have been using it for 10 to 12 months now and it works great so far. It really helps a lot especially in the winter. In the summer once a day is enough and in the winter twice a day works really good.

Thanks for a great product that does what it claims.

Ken, from Georgia, USA

Your Stuff Is The Best! Just A Little Pricey, But Worth It. Thanks.

(K.C. from USA)

"Thanks again for your expedient responses to my concerns and questions.. "

Sam, a proud USA Ex-Marine citizen

Thanks for your excellent communication. futspa is working just great in clearing up my toenail fungus. It is wonderful stuff! Thanks again.

P.G. from New York, USA

"Your natural and affordable remedies work well when used as instructed. They remind me of home-remedies my grandmother used. Thank you!"

RR from Colorado, USA

"In my research to find a remedy for my toenail fungus, I found a neat website (besides yours!) that tells a lot about toenail fungus and how to treat it."

Alan Brown, writing in to Wellness Today.

"Your foot and hand cream is the best cream I have ever used. I love it."

Kristine, United Kingdom

I am a very impressed customer of your company's service!

Lan from Germany

"I love this oil, the fragrance is so pure and my baths are now transformed into lavender heaven"

J.S. Chilliwack British Columbia, Canada

"This stuff has really been helping my husband and he has had trouble with his feet for way over a year."

Jackie from Oregon, USA

I love all your products and am very pleased to carry them in our store!

from Bernice, "Through the Arbour" Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada

Love your products. They are natural and they are working, but it does take time.

R.R. from Colorado, USA

"I'm glad I finally found you on the Internet.....Thanks for a great product."

Nancy, Washington, USA

"We should have taken a before and after photo! I am so pleased with the results. It is good to be able to wear sandals again and not always trying to hide my toe nails."

Kelly, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

"Thanks for shipping it so quickly. Just to say I have found the drops to be a real benefit and have seen immediate results!"

Richard, from the United Kingdom

futspa = products that work, great service, and 100% Guaranteed.